Video Security

Video Surveillance Systems

based on IP technology

MTK offers advanced video surveillance solutions that can be fully integrated and customized, taking care of every single security need of our customers, residential, SME and Public Administration.
Our services include consultancy, design, installation, management and updating of solutions chosen from the best technologies of the moment, thanks to the experience acquired over the years and the expertise of specialized technicians.
We exclusively create video surveillance systems based on IP (Internet Protocol), at the most integrating pre-existing analog technologies. The new IP-based technologies offer compared to analog:

  • High image quality
  • Reduced costs
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Event Management and Intelligent Video
  • Remote accessibility
  • Simple and reliable installation

For the safety of your home

Protect your property, home and family with our highly specialized video surveillance systems. You will thus be able to keep an eye on all the access points of your structure, even from your smartphone or tablet or PC, using the latest generation of modern and reliable cameras and systems, created and installed by our team of experts.


Public offices and schools

Public offices and schools are environments in which it is strictly necessary to install video surveillance systems both for the protection of the public good and for the total safety of staff, citizens, students and many other people in transit. The video surveillance service is essential to prevent any form and type of illegal activity.


Commercial areas

Commercial areas are very sensitive public places that require particular safety conditions for both owners and simple customers. From small retail to large shopping centres, we are able to offer suitable configurations of products and services for the most suitable video surveillance system for your business, with latest generation hardware and software.

Discover the best solution for your needs

The History of

IP cameras

An IP camera is a type of camera that generates a video signal in digitized form and in a format ready for direct transmission over the data network, without the need for analog-digital conversion, and capable of being controlled directly via the data network itself.

The first centralized IP camera was brought to market in 1996 by Axis Communications. It used a web server inside the room in a customized way.

The first decentralized IP camera was instead marketed by Mobotix in 1999. The IP camera contained within the software itself recorded video, complex control software, and event recordings. This device therefore did not require any type of external support as it was all included in the camera itself.

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