GSM/UMTS Boosters

GSM/UMTS Boosters

Cellular Towers

Sometimes mobile phone systems fail to meet the connection needs in certain areas due to particular isolation conditions of that area. The places and activities involved can be of various nature, such as offices, construction sites, restaurants, hotels, galleries... MTK offers the possibility of creating systems that allow to capture, amplify and distribute the GSM/UMTS/LTE signals coming from the BTS closest, extending the coverage network bypassing any morphological problems.

For this purpose, we have the best technologies and the expertise of qualified technicians able to offer the necessary assistance and support.


Say goodbye to “no signal”

Our solutions are characterized by simplicity of installation and respectful of the design of the structure; they are also fully compatible with all Italian mobile phone operators.

Why use GSM/UMTS/LTE boosters:

  • Extend your network coverage
  • Ensure coverage of infrastructures such as shopping malls, hotels, warehouses, etc.
  • Low costs
  • Simple and non-invasive installations
  • High reliability

Discover the best solution for your needs



In telecommunications, GSM, acronym for Global System for Mobile Communications (originally «Groupe spécial mobile»), is the 2G standard (2nd generation) of mobile cellular telephony and currently the most widespread in the world: more than 3 billion people in 200 countries use GSM mobile phones through the GSM cellular network. In particular, GSM is an open standard developed by CEPT and finalized by ETSI and maintained by the 3GPP consortium (of which ETSI is a member).


The universal mobile telecommunications system, also known as UMTS (acronym of the English Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), is a standard of 3G cellular mobile telephony, evolution of GSM. This technology has the peculiarity of using the most advanced W-CDMA basic standard as transmission interface in the radio access to the system, it is compatible with the 3GPP standard and represents the European response to the ITU 3G cellular telephony system.

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